New Mo’s Ferry by Patrick Vano

Mo’s Ferry presents “Gravity Drive” by Patrick Vano. The 12inch contains three fantastic dj tools beyond any question. Take a listen…

mfp073 cover

Distale “Dr. Belusa EP” out now!

We welcome Distale to the RRYGULAR artist pool and present his first release “Dr. Belusa EP“. Two raw and pure techno tools. Here’s some feedback:
DJ Sneak: “Fav: Bigger. Very cool release.”
Stacey Pullen: “Fav: Bigger. Cool, will try. Thanks”
Slam Mode: “Fav: Bigger. Feelin’ it …well done.”
Jorge Ciccioli: “I will play Utha8!”
Christopher Çolak (Halfstereo, Istanbul): “Fav: Utha8. Big room stomper EP. I like it!”
Posivision mag: “Fav: Utha8. Sound pressure sensitivity is great! I’m looking forward to vinyl.”

RRygular59 Artwork

Fenou Bouquet Vol.3 – Releaseparty

On Fr, 10.10.2014 at Fiese Remise we’re celebrating the release of our Fenou Bouquet Vol.3 compilation, this time mixed and compiled by Douglas Greed. The Jena-based enfant terrible brings a very special selection of tracks between Electronica, Tech- and Deephouse and also a little bit of Breaks. Support for the evening he will receive from label mates Dapayk solo, Mooryc and Tulips.

Fenou Bouquet Vol. 3 Release Party

New Mo’s Ferry 72 by Greeko

The new Mo’s Ferry 12inch “Beat Hit Repeat” is release no. 2 by Italian youngster Greeko and comes with some nice feedback from:
DJ Sneak: “Fav: Beat Hit Repeat. Cool stuff.”
Rampa: “Beat Hit and My Best are two dope tracks!!! Thanks.”
Affkt: “Superb tracks here! Thanks for sharing buddy.”
Someone Else: “Fav: Beat Hit Repeat. bit hiti fr me.”
Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava): “Fav: Less Is More. Mo’s Ferry’s kept its sound till now… great ep!!!”

mfp072 cover