Sonar 2016


I Love Vinyl returns to beautiful Barcelona for this years Off week.
Dapayk Solo vs. From Karaoke to Stardom will play an exclusive live set. Karotte, Basti of Tiefschwarz and Patricke Vano will rock the turntables.

I Love Vinyl’s PHILOSOPHY has not changed: Vinyl is the Black Beauty, the black gold of the DJ’s. Digital music is fun but the real art lies in the crackling vinyls. Therefore, at „I LOVE VINYL – Showcases“ all laptops and CD player remain at home. All artists play vinyl only, and even the live acts do without the computer… !!!

Please notice: Due to high demand we had to change the venue. The new venue is Panams Club, Les Rambles 29, where we will also have an extra 2hrs of partying and we will have an incredible L’Acoustics sound system for a high level listening experience!!!
This event is invite / Guest List Only – Please write your names on the wall of the event to gain free access. Please keep in mind there is a limited capacity: