Webisode 4 – I Love Vinyl – out now!

Dapayk’s „20 Years On Stage“ documentary continues with webisode #4 where he talks about the idea behind the I Love Vinyl Open Air.

Dapayk & Padberg „Sink This Ship“

Dapayk & Padberg follow along the path of their 2013 album „Smoke“ with a more listening oriented style. On „Sink This Ship“ they got support from Bebetta and Robot Koch for remixes more suitable for the dance floors…


Webisode 3 „Work & Travel“ is out now!

Instead of traveling with one or two USB sticks loaded with thousands of tracks, Dapayk takes the hard tour. Watch webisode #3 of Dapayk’s 20 Years on Stage documentary on Youtube or here.

Dapayk 20 Years on Stage Documentary

For more than two years, a camera crew accompanied Dapayk on his travels around the world, recording his many different performances and all the things that go with them, and the result is a first ever retrospective look at his career to mark two decades in action as a top live act. It is an essential watch for anyone with an interest in electronic music and is a great window into Dapayk’s unique musical mind.
We are proud to present the first webisode on Dapayk’s Youtube channel or here…

dapayk 20 years on stage

Dapayk Solo – Times Artist podcast #3

Dapayk Solo contributes podcast #3 to the Times Artist’s series. Enjoy the fine selection of his most favourite tracks in May 2016.

Dapayk solo „Nerdsession Vol.1“ out now!

Dapayk started a Youtube video series called „Nerdsessions“ a few months ago where he jammed with only a few machines. A few of these nerdy jam sessions he polished in his studio and compiled them in a 4-tracker release „Nerdsession Vol.1„. Versatile in style and tool set combined with desire and courage to experiment – this made him one of the most exciting live acts and producers.