Ricky Ambilotti’s first release on Mo’s Ferry is part of the new „Transformation Remixes“. He is the winner of the remix contest of Roland and Dapayk Solo.

„Transformation“ was the first single from Dapayk Solo’s last album „#nofilter“.

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1. When did you first get into music?

Music was around me since I can remember since I have a music involved family. Started music school and studied piano from 6 years old and spent all my childhood between music study and hanging around with my father (lead tenor) in the backstage of Romania’s national musical theater “Ion Dacian”. I was loving the atmosphere there and being around one of the best performers / orchestra members in Romania.
My very first composition was in the 6th grade when I was about 12 or 13. I was doing my daily piano study and started improvising for the first time for no reason (oh kids… J). I thought it was sounding nice so I took an empty music sheet and started writing what I was playing. I think that is my first ever recording, although it was done the old “old-school” way, with the crayon on a blank music sheet.
After I finished school, I moved to small town to escape the big city agitation that I never liked. Because I’ve always refused to have normal a “9 to 5” job, I composed music for theater plays, small films and other indie projects. Around 2003, I started shifting my interest from classical inclined music to electronic music and making tracks for film / Tv licensing over the internet.

2. How do you produce music in your studio?

I don’t have a complicated setup, just a room transformed in a home studio. The nerve center is Ableton along with a few outboard gear such as Elektron Analog Four and recently the Roland Aira line. I tend to keep things simple as I came to the conclusion that inspiration can be quickly engulfed by too much gear. I think less options gear wise give more room to inspiration and efficiency.
When it comes to original productions, I tend to start the tracks with the main idea (not with the kick / groove as the majority of producers) this either being a chord progression, melody, interesting synth sound or anything that would be the main focus of the track. Just after I record this, I start wrapping it with the kick, groove and the other elements.

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3. What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

The most notable moment was the success of “Construkt” in 2009, one of the first tracks of my alias “Ricky Ambilotti”. That track was very different from anything I ever done, an extremely strange one from my point of view. In fact, I didn’t even planned to release it, but my girlfriend (who is a Dj) and my best friend (also musician) have insisted that it needs to be out, so we’ve released it on “3 Liquid Hz Records”, the label we created to get our music out.
I haven’t expected it, but it had tremendous success, being #1 in various electronic music charts, being played all over the world in the summer of 2009, even in BBC’s Radio One essential mix and also being present in Beatport’s “Best of minimal 2009”.
The success of “Construkt” has brought a lot of opportunities from promoters, labels and booking agencies, but because I have never been drawn to Dj’ing and I haven’t been prepared for a live-act since I haven’t expected it, I wasn’t been able to embrace those opportunities that would of most surely propelled my career in early days.

4. What are your favorite records and biggest influences?

There are so many wonderful records and talented people out there… it’s extremely hard to pinpoint.
Not being bias due to the fact that this is a Mo’s Ferry interview, one of the tracks that is close to my heart, has put a hard mark on me and also shifted my attention more and more to electronic music was in fact a remix of Dapayk.
Back in 2006 I think, I’ve heard a promo mix that had “Malou – Wordplay (Dapayk Remix)“ in it. Because the tracklist wasn’t available I had absolutely no idea who made the track, but I’ve cut it from the mix and listened it amazed every time. I have later found out that is in fact a Dapayk remix and I was thrilled, since I was already an admirer of Niklas.

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Another record that worth’s mentioning as being close to my heart and having an impact on me as a producer would be “Stimming – November Morning”. I have been hypnotized by its sensibility and when he released the “Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Version” of the same track I was speechless. This is the record that summed up everything I am, loving electronic music coming from a somewhat classical background.
Along Dapayk, as other influences and people I look up to would be Stephan Bodzin, Stimming, Max Cooper, Robert Babicz, but these names are just a few of the many people I am influenced by.

5. How did you get to know about the contest?

Being a follower on Dapayk’s social media, I found out from his announcement. I was very happy to have the opportunity of remixing the track. Being selected as the 5 finalists, I was already a big win for me as I knew that Niklas and the Mo’s Ferry people liked the remix in some degree.

6. You have also won the AIRA MX-1. Has it already become a part of your music production?

After winning the Dapayk remix contest, Roland East Europe kindly sent me the Aira gear (System-1, Tr-8, TB-3 and VT-3) to make some demos along with the MX-1 and after using them for a few weeks I can definitely say that Aira is a powerful production set with endless possibilities.
Besides production, I would recommend the MX-1 to any performer as being a vital piece of gear for a versatile live-act / Dj set. It has everything that an electronic music performer would ever need with a lot of inputs for outboard gear, laptop, dedicated Aira connections and a great set of highly customizable fx that can affect any gear coming trough it being able to spice up everything. Roland definitely set a whole new standard when it comes to mixers.

7. What can we expect from you next? Any surprises?

In the last 5 years I have been heavily involved in sound design and sample pack creation working with the most respected companies around. This is the reason that my attention was turned from my own production. Although I had some releases, I haven’t been too consistent neither from a release schedule point of view or genre wise. I’ve made what I thought people want to hear, not what I wanted to do.
Winning the remix contest was a wakeup call that I should try to focus more of own production and, most importantly, that I should do what I feel.
This being said, I am determined to make time and work on my own productions. I already have some tracks that I am working on, tracks that I intend to send (as my first ever sent demo) to a good label J “wink” and hopefully they would like it and have the first ‘real’ release of my alias “Ambilotti” that would really define the future. Ultimately, as every artist, I would like to make an album to be released and I also start building a long self craved live-act to be able to showcase my music first hand.

Dapayk solo „Transformation Remixes“ (mfp080)

We’re happy to announce the first remix release for Dapayk solo’s latest album „#nofilter„. On the A is Ricky Ambilotti, the winner of the remix contest curated by Dapayk and Roland Music last autumn. On the B you can find Marek Bois, the Minimal Techno alter ego of Dapayk. Enjoy!


Dapayk Solo „#nofilter“ album release party

3.12.2015 @ IPSE, Berlin – Dapayk Solo presents his new album „#nofilter“. He will be supported by Sebastian Russell and From Karaoke To Stardom who just recently released their own albums on Mo’s Ferry’s sublabel fenou. The album release party will be exclusively streamed by BE-AT.TV. Entry is by invitation only. Sign up and win tickets here:

Dapayk solo – live
From Karaoke To Stardom – live
Sebastian Russell – live


IPSE, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor 2b, 10997 Berlin