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Ibiza Voice reviews the new „Black Panther EP“



New EP out on Alfa Romero incl. Philip Bader Remix




Artist: Greeko

Titel: Black Panther incl. Philip Bader Remix

Label: Alfa Romero 09






New Greeko EP out on Mo´s Ferry




Artist: Greeko

Titel: Without You incl. Dapayk Rmx

Label: Mo´s Ferry D 24






Five Questions to Greeko Interview



Greeko „Sincopat“ Podcast


Greeko „Mo´s Ferry“ Podcast


Greeko at Vibe Vibration Become

Latest Releases

mfp072_cover-2                                                    Greeko-We-Do-Fiesta-EP-YUMA019-460x460

Greeko                                                                                                       Greeko

Beat Hit Repeat EP                                                                               We Do Fiesta EP

[MFP72]                                                                                                     [YUMAFA 19]


8591834                                                    8469213

Various Artists                                                                                        Various Artists

incl. Greeko & Darlyn Vlys „Kabasa“                                             incl. Greeko & Darlyn Vlys „Lana“

[YUMAFA 05]                                                                                            [Intacto 27]


Greeko is definitely one of the most interesting & younger artist to discover for the upcoming future. Innovator of the beats, dry and firm, merged with dark sounds and fuzzy vocals, he has been able to create his unique style for productions and dj-sets. A kid grown up on the dance floor taking the best of it, with its multiple influences from Jazz to hip hop and rhythms of techno detroit. A sound that starts from the past, lead to the present, and pointing forward to the future. He made his first appearances on Yuma Recordings, top Italian label, which gave him the chances and the support for his productions and for his growth as performer. The releases on well renowned labels like Mo’s Ferry Prod, Noir music, Sincopat & Intacto have pushed him in the golden area. In the last season, he became Guest resident of the Vibe Vibration Become based in Tuscany, as well at Gate Club in centre Italy. He also had the chance to show his skills in Yuma showcases around Europe, as he obtained his first gig in German territory in Berlin Techno sanctuary, Tresor, with the crew of Mo’s Ferry. He receives regular support by most of the top league artists, and despite his age, he caught personal attention of top players as Richie Hawtin, Davide Squillace, Shlomi Aber, Dapayk & many more. The future is bright for Greeko, he’s aiming to be of the most interesting newcomers in Tech House/Techno Panorama, and big steps are on the way to confirm his talent.