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New „Tape Jam EP“ is out on Mo´s Ferry




Artist: Patrick Vano

Titel: Tape Jam EP

Label: MFP 77






Pre-listen to the upcoming new „Tape Jam EP on Mo´s Ferry

New Patrick Vano „Berlin Essential“ Podcast


New „Gravity Drive EP“ is out on Vinyl




Artist: Patrick Vano

Titel: Gravity Drive EP

Label: MFP 73





Patrick Vano at “ILV Open Air” Rottleben

Patrick Vano „Sound of 36“ Podcast


Patrick Vano at Tresor Berlin


Patrick Vano „The Other Side Of Me“ album teaser

Latest Releases


3                                                    mfd16_cover_1200px

Dapayk & Padberg                                                                               Patrick Vano

Smoke Remixes incl. Patrick Vano Rmx                                     The Other Side Of Me Album

[MFP 70]                                                                                                    [MFD 16]


mfp063                                                    mfd15

Patrick Vano                                                                                            Jedi Jet

Reflection EP                                                                                           Little Things Remixes

incl. Dapayk Rmx                                                                                   incl. Patrick Vano Rmx

[MFP 63]                                                                                                    [MFD 15]


Patrick Vano has been deejaying and producing since the early 90’s. Until 2009 he was also editor of electronic scene mag „Subculture Neckar/Alb/Bodensee“ where he met Vladimir Corbin. Together they started organizing an ongoing series of parties with national and international acts. Before long both were hanging out in the studio working on own tracks. However, Patrick did not release any of his productions until Dapayk asked for a remix on his „Decade One“ album. Since then Patrick started focusing on his music with new self-confidence. In 2010 he launched several releases and remix productions with Corbin on different labels. In 2011 Mo’s Ferry released their first vinyl record „Sinner City“. Patrick performed a dj set at the I Love Vinyl Open Air and became part of the I Love Vinyl crew. In 2012 he played only a few gigs because he was totally focused on his productions and future releases. At the same time he decided to lay off his alter ego „Peddy“ once for all. Patrick Vano appeared. 2013 is going to be Patrick’s most ambitious year. „The Other Side Of Me” is his first full length album to be released on Mo’s Ferry. And together with long time buddy Vladimir Corbin he’ll start his own label „Tonsport Music“.