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Sebastian Russell


New remix for Doudou Malicious out on Multi Vitamins


Sebastian Russell´s BE-AT.TV Live Show


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Artist: Sebastian Russell

Titel: Force Album

Label: FenouD 4







Album pre-single out on Fenou



Artist: Sebastian Russell

Titel: Free Fall

Label: Fenou 23






Sebastian Russell „January 2014 Mix“



Sebastian Russell „Distorsion of Senses“ Official Video


Sebastian Russell „You Freak“ Official Video


Sebastian Russell „All The Wrong Lovers“

Latest Releases


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Douglas Greed                                                                                      Various Artists

Fenou Bouquet Vol. 3                                                                        For Ever New Moment Of Triumph

incl. Sebastian Russell „100% Human“                                     incl. Sebastian Russell „Ensemble“

[Fenou D 03]                                                                                          [Adjunct 30]


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Sebastian Russell                                                                               Sebastian Russell

Until Now EP                                                                                         Absent Mindedness Remixed EP

[Adjunct 26]                                                                                           [Multi Vitamins 47]


Sebastian Russell, half french half english,  is amongst the most original electronic dance producers to emerge from the London electronic music scene. The eccentric and devastating potential of his live performances take the listener on adventurous trips and unpredictable turns with their intensity of rhythm, melody and sound variety. Seb has done numerous remixes for artists such as Mark Henning, David Durango and Dapayk. His track ,’You Freak‘, was released on the Minus compilation ‚Sound comes from Can Elles‘ and featured on Richie Hawtin’s mix cd for DJ Mag. One of his last release, ‘More In Peace With Yourself’, was top 5 on Beatport. Seb’s music career has not just been limited to releasing records. He has also written music for advertising including a track called „Re-Experience“ for the Samsung ultra touch mobile phone ad. Seb has played alongside artists such as Matthew Dear, Bruno Pronsato, Luomo, Spektrum, Cabanne, Italoboyz, GummiHz, Audio Werner, Arnaud Le Texier, Ekkohaus and Matt John. Seb started playing classical guitar at the age of ten, rock ’n‘ roll at thirteen, funk and Jazz at sixteen and at twenty-four he started making electronic music with fat analogue drum machines. Since then, Seb’s music has appeared on Telegraph, M_nus, MBF, Trapez, Fenou/Mo’s Ferry, Lebensfreude, Multi Vitamins, Mescene and Adjunct.

Releases by Sebastian Russell