10 Minutes Of Fame

Dapayk solo – 10 Minutes Of Fame


„10 minutes of fame“ is Dapayk’s single release #3 from the current album „Devil’s house“. The title is quite ambiguous. Just a play on words? Art criticism with a touch of irony or is there something more behind it? On the musical level the track leaves nothing to be desired. A proper pounding beat meets a sound aesthetic that evokes old memories of big techno events back in the 90s. Dapayk prooves by the mix of Rave signals and modern-minimal rhythm patterns that these „oldschool“ hooklines can still release their power, even at 126 BPM. Just like the last two single releases there’s one more track from his „Devil’s house“ album. „Child of the night“ is somewhat dark and ambivalent in the beginning, but commands full respect by showing all its power and loudness shortly after. On a groove simply made of kick, hi-hat and hi-tuned bassline topped with a proudly repeating vocal part the child keeps on dancing through the night…

01. 10 Minutes Of Fame

02. Child Of The Night (Single Version)