Various Artists – 25


Number 25… time to do something special again. Therefore we compiled four tracks by artists from our Mo’s Ferry Pool on this release. The opening track is Butane’s „nowhere kansas“ featured with a fantastic vocal line by Abe Chapman. After this we have Tanaka Hideyuki’s „let me see“ which was released on Marcel Knopf’s „bits to phono mix“ CD first. The other side is „kick“ed by his fellow countryman Hidenobu Ito, who made his debut for us on fenou03. The mini compilation is concluded by label owner Dapayk solo himself with a previously unreleased track named „cleansea“. For the occasion we decided to put the record version in a unique STAMPED COVER artwork. It’s good to have a touchable medium like VINYL, that offers such a potential.

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01. Butane feat. Abe Chapman - Nowhere Kansas

02. Tanaka Hideyuki - Let Me See

03. Hidenobu Ito - Kick

04. Dapayk solo - Cleansea

05. Marcel Knopf - I Knew (FREE BONUS)

06. Marek Bois - Rupper Johnny (FREE BONUS)

07. Luka & Lazo - The Paper Is Our Friend (FREE BONUS)