Various Artists – 3 YEARS RRYGULAR


RRYGULAR is celebrating its third birthday with a collection of selective tracks of the past years. Started in late 2005 as a subdivision of Mo’s Ferry Prod. the label is more into a straighter essence of techno – rather the dj tools than the rocking „frickelsound“ tracks. A small but mighty artist family, widespread across the globe – from Japan to Chile, from England to Mexico, from Sweden to the United States and back to Germany – is working on a collective vision of sound and club culture. Three cheers for the coming three years!

01. From Karaoke To Stardom - Hometown Bulkk Klubb (Dapayk Rmx)

02. Marek Bois - Bed Boi Pill

03. Butane - All Out Of Ice

04. Kleinschmager Audio - Audio1

05. Christian Dittmann - Dub1 (D.Diggler Rmx)

06. Lump - All In Your Mind

07. Staffan Linzatti - Steal The Medical Supplies

08. Marek Bois - Kimpton

09. Ortega & Stavöstrand - Spiral

10. Marcel Knopf - Narain

11. The Suffragettes - Ukin

12. From Karaoke To Stardom - Dors-La-Pilule