Acid Pornofski

Dapayk solo – Acid Pornofski


Sawtooth – lately this term appears quite often and not only in reviews for the new Dapayk solo album „devil’s house“. With „acid pornofski“ he demonstrates that the tracks on his album do not mark the end of the story. Wrapped in a single release with „right here with me“ and „how low“ on the A-side you can see Dapayk’s true colors on the very B-side. And of course it’s a lot easier to do so on a single. Like back in the best days of Rave you hear the endless modulation of a monstrous acid-bassline. Everybody who has experienced one of Dapayk’s live PAs knows how sweaty these sets are about to end. And for the last few months „acid pornofski“ is neither seldom nor randomly the peak…

01. Right Here With Me

02. How Low

03. Acid Pornofski