An I fOr An I

From Karaoke To Stardom – An I fOr An I


With his next EP From Karaoke To Stardom takes another step towards glory and honour. The sympathetic French never strikes with a rush job. That’s why the energy of his epic tracks hits you even harder. The base for „hUmBlE rUmBlE“ is a timeless structure made of a slightly distorted kick drum combined with tribal percussions. The track gets continually intensified and has only short moments of disentanglement to take a breath. „thE fAnG BanG thEOry“ calls for the hosts with a horn and a typical stomping groove. Afterwards there is a moment filled with great expectations, when the title track „An I fOr An I“ swears them to tasks ahead.

01. hUmBlE rUmBlE

02. thE fAnG BanG thEOry

03. An I fOr An I