And Also The Trees

The Micronaut – And Also The Trees


Enfant Fenou presents The Micronaut’s current 5-track EP „And Also The Trees“. The multi instrumentalist is known for dedicating his releases to one major topic be it fish, geometrical shapes or, like on the current EP, trees. His music however, is harder to put in one corner. The Micronaut finds his niche at the intersections between electronica, down tempo, bass-heavy breaks and catchy-melodic pop. Every track leads you on an unexpected path and it is never predictable where the journey will go. Sometimes it’s a loose-dreamy guitar intro like „Oak“ that transforms into an energetic synth firework. Another time, he plays with Loop FX and switches to cinematic scores, which, paired with a minimalistic beat, are likely to make you dream. The track „Elm“ proofs that The Micronaut also skillfully masters the balancing act between modern deephouse sound and breakbeat elements from the 90s. It is precisely this variety that initially may not seem tangible but gives this EP a timeless character.

01. Willow

02. Oak

03. Pine

04. Elm

05. Yew