Kleinschmager Audio – Audiology


Kleinschmager Audio is a studio project of Joern Kleinschmager (DJ, audio engineer) and Niklas Worgt (producer, liveact). Both connected since the late 90s Kleinschmager and Worgt have constantly exchanged their thoughts, concepts and visions about sound in general and club music in detail. Merging the ideas of a long-time DJ with the experience of a studio producer is always a suspenseful undertaking. And often the outcome remains uncertain… But besides talking about music, performing at different venues and also organising their own events a studio project of Kleinschmager and Worgt has never been out of range. It was just a matter of time.
In 2007 their first record was released on the Mo’s Ferry sublabel RRYGULAR – named Kleinschmager Audio „audio1“. But this was just a starting point for an open series of DJ tools to be advanced over the coming years. After the release of „audio2“ in summer of 2008 and the latest record „audio3″ in early 2009 Kleinschmager Audio felt ready to work on a full-length album. Drawing a bow over an almost 10 years collaboration they combined outlines from the early sessions back in 1999 with recent ideas, older tracks were polished and the newest pieces were reviewed again to get a timeless touch. Thus making „Audiology“ a kind of retrospective and a future-oriented work all in one. At the same time the focus is always on sound, as the album title implies. Like working on a research project it’s about forming an overall sound by scaling each element down to its essence. The album plays around with Minimal, deconstructs Techno, peers at Dub and martyrs House with the inherent structure. Kleinschmager Audio’s „Audiology“ is a DJ album as profound as the changes in electronic music within the last decade.

01. Audio1 (Album Re-Edit)

02. Audio2 (Album Edit)

03. Audio3 (Short Album Version)

04. Tuba Auditiva

05. Incus

06. Emphasis (Album Dub Version)

07. 1999

08. Pharfizer (Album Version)

09. Helicotrema (Album Version)

10. Eclipse