Back Down EP

Carsten Rausch – Back Down EP


The Koblenz habitant made a name for himself with his activities as DJ, Producer and Event Promoter in the party scene around Trier in the mid 90s. Now, he comes with a Minimal Techno release on the Berlin imprint RRYGULAR. „Whoop Whoop!“ is maybe the first thing that comes to mind when listening to „Back Down“. The Bass drives straight from the hips to the chest. And of course, you won’t be left without a good amount of noise („Rausch“ is the german expression for noise). The complex shaped percussion does the rest. The producer doesn’t aim for an acoustic sound at all but keeps it very funky. The bassline together with the cut-up vocals just make „Kids“ groove like hell. At the latest when the chopped up vocals come into play no one is able to suppress a moronic smile on his face. The dry overall sound of the ass shaker „Elevator“ gets loosened and fractured by weird percussion elements – a classic club number! Reverb remains reserved for „Sunset“. It seems to be a hard one combining Classic House, Minimal and Detroit Techno. Carsten Rausch performs this task with ease. The vocals melt nicely with the percussion on the offbeat and provide different listening bases. Afterall the „Back Down EP“ presents itself as a diversified double 0“ combining different influences to a unified whole.

01. Back Down

02. Kids

03. Elevator

04. Sunset