Bajo El Volcan EP

Christian Dittmann – Bajo El Volcan EP


Christian Dittmann is a graphic designer from Santiago, Chile. A real music lover, he listens to everything from Chopin to experimental electronics. In the mid-90s started dj-ing, never getting enough of what he found on music stores. The close relationship developed with computers due to his profession led him to spend hours? learning how to use the software. After meeting many of the world known chilean musicians that live abroad he decided to give himself an opportunity and started making music on his own. He likes everything unusual and unpredictable.? His music has many influences and none at the same time, aiming to make people think. His favourite moment to play or perform is at the sunset and at the sunrise, there you can tell the vibes that subtly flood his tunes, layered with endless tiny details and textures. The perfect spring opener with super structured pattern is presented by Christian Dittmann from Chile, home country of… „Bajo El Volcan“, inspired by the volcano of the same name, sprays the claiming, sweeping south american flair. Tripman creates a tickeling, a ravening music tech stream, in which luscious and massive sound everyone wants to dive in and flow within. Fascinating!

01. Hasta Cuando

02. Lluvia De Verano