Bed Bois Bloo

Marek Bois – Bed Bois Bloo


Marek Bois – things have calmed down a bit since last summer except for his „jokou“ remix on The Suffragettes’ „middle gi e.p.“ (rry13) and a special free bonus track called „rupper johnny“ on the Mo’s Ferry Prod. anniversary record „25“ (mfp025). But with the new single „Bed Bois Bloo“ Marek is going to rock the crowd again – as expected. Both tracks are substantial floor-filler – 100% functional and with a straight punch. According to the quality of the tracks the two musical pieces run on one side each. And by the way, who’s wondering where we put the third part of the album From Karaoke To Stardom „Undo Redo Weirdo“… The package with four remixes is going to be the release on RRYGULAR (rry14x) scheduled for June 2007. At the same time we’re about to release the album CD.

01. Bed Boi Pill

02. Keta-Nina