Bits To Phono Mix (CD)

Marcel Knopf – Bits To Phono Mix (CD)


In April 2006 and on the occasion of their 20th record the Berlin based label Mo’s Ferry Prod. released a special compilation. In answer to progressive digitalisation of club music and the rash swan songs on the vinyl record, like „Vinyl is the way of the dinosaurs“, the label owners turned the tables. Marcel Knopf – by then A&R and label DJ for many years and who presents his debut „Dusty Dance“ right at the moment – compiled his favourite net label tracks, which got pressed for the first time on a vinyl record properly named „Bits to Phono“. Among were artists like Franco Cinelli, Lump, Ryan Crosson and Dapayk, who had been doing some releases for free on labels such as Textone, Unfoundsound, Archipel and many more. Furthermore Marcel Knopf mixed a CD with these and other tracks, that were released on Mo’s Ferry in the next years.

01. Dapayk solo - Jaoderneinoder

02. Butane - Mute Solo

03. Tleilaxu - Strange Playground (Someone Else Rmx)

04. So Inagawa - Deep And Perfect Morning

05. Tanaka Hideyuki - Let Me See

06. Mossa - Minette

07. Franco Cinelli - Sense (Lod Rmx)

08. Marcel Knopf - Horstsreturn

09. Lump - Huyndai Strikes Back

10. Tanaka Hideyuki - Re_Re_Re_Shake (Agnes Rework)

11. [a]pendics.shuffle - Sometimes Loyal

12. Ryan Crosson - Bowstring

13. Joko13 - Salami Tactics

14. Stalker - Introducing Savya

15. Marcel Knopf - Klik Im Kopf

16. Lukas Nystrand & Audrey Jupont - One Day Soon