Black Beauty (Album)

Dapayk & Padberg – Black Beauty (Album)


Berlin duo Dapayk & Padberg consist of respected producer Niklas Worgt and vocalist (and part
time supermodel) Eva Padberg. Their debut ‘Close Up’ in 2005 burst brightly and found it’s
authors riding high on the best album & live act lists of magazines like Groove and De:Bug. This,
their second collaborative album, is a fresh mix of sharp techno, heavy percussion and acerbic
lyrics directed at the superficial and super fickle amongst us.

In opener ‘Doerti’, a simple eastern drum loop introduces a subversive sutra to selling the sexy
single. Phased synths unzip to unveil explicitly observant lyrical content over a lean percussive
production. ‘Sister’ and ‘Khes’ maintain the throbbing pulse with block tonal percussion, deep
vocoded instructions and lyrics that both question and convince.

The first of two skits, ‘Pantomime Horse’ sees Padberg expand lyrically into mantric repetition,
which intensifies and secedes to a warped electronic hum. Dapayk steals back the attention in
‘Theiss’. Saturated with invention, dull thuds, bright sirens and vicious claps form a beat with
punched tones and wavering melody pointing the way to the dancefloor.

The title track ‘Black Beauty’ is tight techno to lament the demise of pressed vinyl. Aptly cold
mechanic progressions fuel a dance of death, with a ghostly vocal leading the ruthless march of
the mp3.

The heavily percussive ‘Make It Up’ sees cocks, clicks and claps drive a muffled vocal with dizzy
melodies and an insectoid synth haze. ‘Island’ sees Caro’s soulful vocal elevate above a ticking
tupperware beat with Padberg’s harmonies and plucked strings sound-tracking a dawn kitchen k-

A record of convicted highs and hazy lows, the final skit introduces relief with a soothing
melody, making way for ‘As You Please’, where Padberg’s morning melody and Dapayk’s
sympathetic strings bring the album to an optimistic conclusion – with first light cleansing us of
the evening’s excesses.

01. Doerti

02. Sister

03. Khes

04. Skit: Pantomime Horse

05. Theiss

06. Black Beauty (Album Version)

07. Make It Up

08. Island (feat. Caro)

09. Skit: Ohh

10. As You Please