Black Beauty (Single)

Dapayk & Padberg – Black Beauty (Single)


Their debut album „close up“ created a stir in late 2005 and the Dapayk solo album „impulsion parasite“ backed up the position of Mo’s Ferry Prod. as a label for remarkable minimal tunes one year later. Now, after almost two years of silence around the Dapayk & Padberg project, Eva Padberg and Niklas Worgt aka Dapayk return with a brand-new collaborative masterpiece. Btw, for all of you who think of Naomi Campbell when hearing the album title – give it another thought 😉 Actually, what’s meant by „black beauty“ is the vinyl record itself. The new Dapayk & Padberg album is going to be released in late September. Mo’s Ferry 30 is coming as a prerelease single and its focus is the central topic of the album: The continuity of vinyl as a sound medium for electronic music.
On the single Dapayk & Padberg take off with two versions of the eponymous track. The A-side contains the first DJ-tool with a slowly developing arrangement and a kind of „Is-it-possible-to-put-in-another-bass?!“-style. Dark, rocking, compelling! The B-side presents „black beauty“ in the dress of a 10+ minutes ‚afterhour edit’. While producing this version Dapayk must have immersed himself in the long morning to early afternoon hours on some open air location. Analog, soft and with a haunting groove for the late (or already early) slots of the party-lineup.

01. Black Beauty

02. Black Beauty (Dapayk's Afterhour Edit)