Blackwood EP

Charles Widmore & Daniel Rajkovic – Blackwood EP


Charles Widmore and Daniel Rajkovic seem to get along pretty well, musically. Their tendency to the more reduced and slightly darker side of electronic music led to a fertile cooperation that culminated in an imposing 12“ on RRYGULAR. The three tracks ride wonderfully unagitated and alarmingly progressive along the label’s typical Minimal Techno road. As soon as you start to feel save, the music will get you from behind. Suspenseful bridges and therapeutic vocals will excite you between off-beat emphasis, tribal influences, straight percussions and a slightly mystical touch! But you might be disappointed if you are looking for a posing producer duo: This collaboration stays focused on what really matters in the end – the function of a loop!

01. Quiet Boy

02. Think About

03. Mr & Mrs Blackwood