Boissche Untiefen Pt.2

Marek Bois – Boissche Untiefen Pt.2


Niklas Worgt is a man of multiple identities. Most commonly known as Dapayk, he has been releasing sublime techno under the moniker ‘Marek Bois’ since 2006 (Trapez, RRYGULAR), and it is under this guise that he presents to us a new album – the irrepressible ‘Boissche Untiefen’. This package follows up on last year’s critically acclaimed album ‘Black Beauty’ – a culmination of Niklas’ works as one half of Dapayk & Padberg. The title is a translators nightmare, with ‘Untiefen’ paradoxically meaning both ‘deep’ and ‘shallow’, dependent on the context. Social critique or statement of intent? Regardless, this record sails above the murky waters of mediocrity. Now with „Boissche Untiefen Pt.2“ this is the second partial release of the album cycle. It follows the first part with 4 tracks and is to be followed by the Double-CD version incl. bonus tracks and a live-recording. For vinyl enthusiasts, we also have a special 2×12“ edition boxed in a printed coversleeve.

01. Now!

02. Roldgold

03. Lander

04. Tlaa