Boissche Untiefen

Marek Bois – Boissche Untiefen


Niklas Worgt is a man of multiple identities. Most commonly known as Dapayk, he has been releasing sublime techno under the moniker ‘Marek Bois’ since 2006, and it is under this guise that he presents to us the irrepressible ‘Boissche Untiefen’. Released (with differing track lists) on double CD, double vinyl and also the two individual 12”, this is a comprehensive package to follow up on last year’s critically acclaimed album ‘Black Beauty’ – a culmination of Niklas’ works as one half of Dapayk & Padberg. The title is a translators nightmare, with ‘Untiefen’ paradoxically meaning both ‘deep’ and ‘shallow’, dependent on the context. Social critique or statement of intent? Regardless, this record sails above the murky waters of mediocrity. Irrespective of the name it falls under, one thing synonymous with Niklas is a propensity to introduce rich and unusual sounds to his productions, which is nowhere more apparent than in this latest album. Revisiting his technoid roots of the mid-90’s, Niklas used more analogue equipment than usual, and resisted the urge to polish tracks in the mix. ‘Boissche Untiefen’ is a hi-end techno gem, a breathing organic progression through ten tracks that swell with innovation. The opening tracks enforce the rule. ‘Memento Moments’ struts with blocks of bassy percussion, rained upon by corrosive, shrill synth melodies after a ghostly vocal introduction. ‘Dapss’ swarms with dissonant tone, subtly developing with bubbling beats, and the wonderfully titled ‘Snareway To Hell’ bounces into a feverish, snare-led track, characterised by a buzzing synth chorus. ‘Roth’ mesmerises with timbered percussion, ‘Now’ punches with distorted rhythm, sliced vocal samples and a distinctive descending bass melody and ‘Roldgold’ is an infectious mix of chopping groove, subtly growing hooks and heavy metallic stabs of synth. As the record reaches it’s conclusion, ‘Lander’ is a complex and dark movement, with deep clanging percussion, warm pads and an eerie melodic key loop that tightens and decompresses to a sizzling climax. To close, ‘Tlaa’ calls upon a kaleidoscopic army of sounds, from warm synth passages to creeping bass pulses and just outright creepy scraping metallic samples. The CD version comes with two bonus tracks on CD1 of unrelenting quality, with both ‘Whopair’ and ‘Kimpton’ as floor worthy as their predecessors. Bounced melody, clapped beats and an excellent selection of succulent sounds animate the finale. CD2 is a Marek Bois liveset recording. Besides the new album material it contains some tracks from his previous releases. In ‘Boissche Untiefen’, Niklas Worgt moves even closer to becoming the finished article. As inventive as he is prolific, this is a distinctly special album of ultra-modern techno, boiling over with fresh ideas..

01. Memento Moments

02. Dapss

03. Snareway To Hell

04. Roth

05. Now!

06. Roldgold

07. Lander

08. Tlaa

09. Whopair

10. Kimpton