Bone Silence

From Karaoke To Stardom – Bone Silence


Those looking for a healer, a psychic or a voodoo priest in Paris will quickly find one in the suburban districts and satellite towns of the French metropolis along the Seine river. Here this kind of folk magic has a long tradition. From Karaoke To Stardom didn’t use any dark exotic arts for his second album – still the French electronica producer magically attracts the audience to the dancefloor with his „Little Voodoo Dolls“! The 10inch vinyl single “Bone Silence” gives an insight Jeremy Herpe’s mix of analog synth sounds and drum machines with organic and natural sounds like rain or speech samples in order to make space for unexpected turns and breaks. Named after a Parisian metro station „Rue Des Bullets“ is full of retro-futuristic sounds, while the unreal „Bone Silence“ shows an experimental uneasy listening side. As usual this release comes as a 10inch vinyl in a limited edition and numbered by hand.

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01. RuE dES BullEtS

02. bOnE SilEnCE