Colours (DPK1-10)

Dapayk solo – Colours (DPK1-10)


Dapayk solo is a studio workaholic and he strikes a blow for vinyl. In 2009 he started his very own vinyl only series called DPK, next to his well established labels Mo’s Ferry, fenou and RRYGULAR. The idea was to present vinyl in striking colours as a special format for his liveset tracks and beloved edits by artists such as Format:B, Super Flu, Sascha Braemer and Jon Hester. It’s a feast for the eyes and the ears all in one. Now, four years later and after reaching #10 of the series, Dapayk decided to compile all tracks in a collectors box. In a review of the past ten releases he also felt it was time to make all tracks available for digital djs – in a legal way. This big bundle contains 21 tracks and ranges from minimalistic to funfair tunes and also some edgy b-sides.

01. Orange Skies

02. Panange

03. There Is Love

04. Green Noise

05. Back To Me feat. Camara (Single Version)

06. Child Of The Night (Format:B Rmx)

07. Call Me Names

08. Pangan

09. Michael Doodiekopf

10. Michael Doodiekopf (Jon Hester Rmx)

11. Call Me Names (Super Flu's Pitbull Butterflies Rmx)

12. Still Believe (feat. Camara)

13. Still Believe feat. Camara (Sascha Braemer's Find Me Edit)

14. Catch My Fire

15. Make It Longer

16. After Nine

17. Hefegnn

18. Dominator

19. Sick Of All This

20. Sunny Side Up

21. Handle With Care