Various Artists – CONTUSE 10


The 10th release of a label is always a big milestone – a reason to celebrate and a moment to review the events that took place in the past. In this sense CONTUSE presents a collection of exclusive material an the most important pieces from the label artists. Between the tracks of Dapayk solo and DJ 3000 – obviously the protagonists in the first decade – you will find Marcel Knopf, Distale also known as Michael Knop and the freshman Alexander Franz. The sound of CONTUSE is pure and functional techno connecting the metropoles of Detroit and Berlin. For some it’s just oldschool, but for others it’s traditional production techniques in a preserving and refreshing spirit. We stick to this idea as long as people keep on dancing.

01. Dapayk solo - This Is Raw

02. Distale - Menime

03. Alexander Franz - Sexy, Not Beautiful

04. DJ 3000 - I'm Coming For You

05. Dapayk solo - Spektakel

06. Marcel Knopf - Blood Smell

07. DJ 3000 - Echo Of Souls

08. Dapayk solo - Whole New Style

09. DJ 3000 - Rise Up

10. Michael Knop - Nine

11. Dapayk solo - Glammered

12. DJ 3000 - Survivor

13. Dapayk solo - Those Sounds (Glammered Part2)