Decade One – Remixes

Dapayk solo – Decade One – Remixes


Dapayk is a producer and live act to be reckoned with for the last ten years. Starting in comfortable Thuringia the Berlin based musician can now look back on a decade of his work. So Dapayk’s label Mo’s Ferry Prod. gives us „Dapayk solo – Decade One“. This is the second part – the REMIXES – where artists such as Dominik Eulberg, Format:B, Oliver Koletzki, Florian Meindl, Pan Pot, Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner and more put their hands on tracks of the various Dapayk projects.

01. Dapayk & Padberg - Teapot (Oliver Koletzki Rmx)

02. Dapayk & Padberg - Close Up (Exercise One Rmx)

03. Dapayk & Padberg - Island feat. Caro (Florian Meindl Rmx)

04. Dapayk & Padberg - Sugar (Pan Pot Rmx)

05. Uma (Olene Kadar Rmx)

06. Right Here With Me (Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner Rmx)

07. Child Of The Night (Format:B Rmx)

08. Marek & Das Polenpony (Tassilo Rmx)

09. Chibi (Dominik Eulberg Rmx)

10. Skit (Sebastian Russell Rmx)