Devil’s House (Album)

Dapayk solo – Devil’s House (Album)


Dapayk’s latest album is called „Devil’s House“. Unlike its forerunner, the beats are less abstract, but topical and more break-beat-like: you can’t miss the straightness of these voluminous sounds! Of course you will find typical Dapayk sounds and you will not do without the vocals. But let’s face it in order:

„Intro“ – a cinematic shattering of saw – introduces a house of dark powers which could have Devil written on the doorbell panel. These powers continue in „Scratch The Surface“: Under this surface you can guess the pulsing dancefloor, which rules the next track like a sawtooth massacre „A Saw Attacks“. Its break-beat-like rhythm reveals a powerful listening experience and becomes the first single: A symbiosis between minimal beats that are enriched with Dapayk’s inspiration he gathered over the last year. Dubstep and 2Step samples interweave this track, so you don’t have a single clue where electro starts and techno ends. All new are skits, small audio clips, that separate and connect tracks, such as „Better Stop Breathing“, which leads over to „Vermo’s House“ and combines Dapayk’s stumbling beats with a nasty sawing sound. Having game-played through most of the levels of „Devil’s House“ you face another Skit: „Road To Boesendorf“ – a relaxing piano etude, before „Right Here With Me“ starts: A track, which will be loved by the fans of the Dapayk couple. In „Berlin Amo“, 2Step Beats and Electro marry without trouble (although you might think these genres won’t match – be surprised they will!) and gives prospects where Berlin’s musical journey might be going. „Child Of The Night“ appears minimal plus dark and „How Low“ evokes the depths of the bass with incisive questioning vocals. The beatless snippet „Strings Attached“ leads to the melancholic ending of the album. This melancholy continues in track „Niro“, which connects Dubstep a la Burial and Minimal. „Skit“ – a clip with an acoustic guitar  – leads over to „A Wave That Leads You Home“: The album’s final track that bids farewell.

This album not only reaches out for the dancefloors, but also (which should be common for a longplayer) offers an emotional joyride on a roller coaster. The roller coaster is packed with typical Dapayk sounds and latest influences of his sound cosmos, which of course enlarge Dapayk’s palette in an interesting way. This album is perfect regarding production and composition. With every listening you will discover new details and facets over and over again.

(Tanith about Dapayk solo „Devil’s House“)

01. Intro

02. Scratch The Surface

03. A Saw Attacks

04. Better Stop Breathing

05. Vermo's House

06. Road To Boesendorf

07. Right Here With Me

08. Berlin Amo

09. Child Of The Night

10. How Low

11. Strings Attached

12. Niro

13. Skit

14. A Wave That Leads You Home