Divine Parts Of A Godless Life (Bonus CD)

Dapayk solo – Divine Parts Of A Godless Life (Bonus CD)


…Confirming his way of music production Dapayk always manages to walk the line between really rough experimental sounds and nice quirky functional funk, and his album „Impulsion Parasite“ is no different. In addition to the collection of his club and dancefloor-orientated album tracks Dapayk also mixed a set of his more listening and experimental electronica productions under the name of „Divine Parts Of A Godless Life“.

01. Synthsiff

02. Synthsiff

03. Coupled

04. Sniff My Hair

05. Synthsiff Pt.2

06. Truthpaste

07. Skit

08. Destinct

09. Dolce

10. Emergency Edit

11. Ozal

12. Care&Call

13. Territori

14. Apartmentb5

15. Nikomp