Dusty Dance (Album)

Marcel Knopf – Dusty Dance (Album)


It is always a good feeling when your anticipation is confirmed. After his enchantingly kicking „Dusty Dance / Rec-Chord“ pre-release single Marcel Knopf presents his whole musical world and how his heart beats in it in 2009. All this manifested by the full blossoming of a silver disc. In an interview regarding the release of his first Mix CD „Bits to Phono“ in 2006 he announced: „Minimal is super, but maybe not sexy in the long run!“ For quite some time now, many producers feel the same way and comb ‚Nag Minimal’ with their ‚House brush’, instead of the click clack sounds you will get pimped-up tools using inflationary genre blending heading towards Latin music… Despite playing around with brass sections as well this is exactly what Marcel Knopf doesn’t do. He prefers to focus on a straight funkiness taken from the treasures of House & Techno without presenting the album as a misty-eyed, romanticising retrospect. Sure he digs in deeply but what matters to him is a seductive dance music that works today and tomorrow. Revival and recurrence – he has under control and works with classic essences of a modern narrativity of electronic dance music, whose evolution lasts for over 20 years now. He is just a freak with a long-time experience as a DJ, who remains focussed in front of the computer and states happily: „I House you! It’s music. Maybe you like it.“ Thanks to his interest in diverse electronic sounds, this work presents a perfect production design as well as unexpected caprices and obtains a genre-overlapping consciousness, that definitely stands for the self-confident idiosyncratic statement: „You can’t quarrel about musical taste – you just have it or not!“ Except track 1 and 10, this album unfits ruminant activities and is quite the opposite of bone sedation. Strobe instead of candlelight, but at the same time suitable for finding a like-minded person for the rest of the night.

01. Intro

02. That Shit

03. All Right

04. Crazy About (feat. Camara)

05. Holpergeist 2.0

06. Dusty Dance

07. Skinny Bitches

08. Rec-chord

09. Take A No

10. Leave It Alone (feat. Padberg)