Dusty Dance Rmxs

Marcel Knopf – Dusty Dance Rmxs


Like his taste of music Marcel Knopf is stylistically diversified when it comes to the selection of remixers for his debut album. Gregor Tresher, Luna City Express and Jeff Samuel are definitely away on different fields. Nevertheless you will find HOUSE written on the drawer, if you want to open it. Gregor Tresher really dusts in his version of „Dusty Dance“. Thereby the rocking original gets a more hi-fi sounding touch. Luna City Express release „Rec-chord“ from its melodic chord parts and concentrate on the groove and vocal essence. So you will understand the track even in the last row. Jeff Samuel plays with „Rec-chord“ on a grooving playground as well. But he includes harmonic elements as a vital component. Both remixers take pleasure in the break of the original. Unfortunately not on the vinyl, but online you will get two more versions made by Raudive and Dapayk. The last one is a free download on the Mo’s Ferry  label website.

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01. Dusty Dance (Gregor Tresher Rmx)

02. Rec-chord (Luna City Express Rmx)

03. Rec-chord (Jeff Samuel Rmx)

04. Dusty Dance (Raudive Rmx)

05. Crazy About feat. Camara (Dapayk Rmx)