Early Gi EP

The Suffragettes – Early Gi EP


So Inagawa, Sackrai, Yone-ko, Kesu – location: Nagoya/Tokyo, JP. The Suffragettes are a production/dj team of four young Japanese guys. In 1998, So Inagawa and Sackrai started an electronic noise band. When they got in touch with the first biggest rave in Japan, they met Yone-ko and Kesu. They had something in common, which is called „“passion for music““. From MTR to hardware synthesizer to MPC2000 to Laptops they have been changing their style of expression, but not their passion for expression. The Suffragettes released their first track „Gender“ on WC recordings (Japan). They released also on Fenou, Unfoundsound and Goosehound,…

01. Teni

02. Sojin

03. Ukin