Elon – Encounters


The minimalist-oriented Berliner by choice with his roots in New York once again shows his talents besides playing the bass and the guitar. Pursuing his perfectionist approach he releases his first 12” on Rrygular! „Encounters“ has got everything you need to have checked on an A-side’s checklist: Catchiness from the very first beat, drive and suitablity with clubs! This Track is just pushing ahead, in a detailed and sophisticated way despite the rough sound. The intelligent use of the resonant wavelike pad in its different variantions gets the listener to discover all the different aspects of the groove. Subtle harmonics and bitcrushed effects in combination with playful percussion add a good portion of “dirt” to this production.
„Morph“ is not made for the sensitive. The name implies it all: More and more sounds are layered and woven around each other to construct atmospheric floating snippets. Accompanied by wheezing, breathing and moaning the threatening overall impression is maximized. This bass focused track pushes and meanders through a forest of psychopathic horror synths and thunderous percussion. If you love negative vibes you will be pleasantly surprised!

01. Encounters

02. Morph

03. Strobo