Fenou Bouquet Vol.1

Marcel Knopf – Fenou Bouquet Vol.1


Five years have passed since the Berlin based label Fenou startet to cultivate their own version of playful electronic music – which they term as ‚cuteminimalelectronica‘. Accordingly the musical orientation lies somewhere between dancefloor and comfy homesound. That’s how twelve lovingly designed, limited and handnumbered 10” vinyl collector’s items have been created so far. On this very first label compilation ‚Fenou Bouquet Vol. 1‘ there are six tracks from the first years and six brandnew and unreleased tracks by artists like Ezekiel Honig, Marbert Rocel, Dapayk & Midnight, Kadebostan, Dixie Yure and Hidenobu Ito. On top of that, the bonus version of this compilation includes a fantastic 60-minute dj-mix by Marcel Knopf who compiled this release in the label’s loving manner.

01. Ezekiel Honig – Fractures & Fissures Pt. 3

02. Kadebostan – Sofia On Stage

03. Barbara Klein – No Picnics No Poets

04. Hidenobu Ito – Come (feat. Anna Yamada)

05. Jedi Jet – Poison

06. Marbert Rocel – Chicagoff

07. Dapayk & Midnight – Emergency

08. Dixie Yure – Tecnomascope

09. Sebastian Russell – Follow The Lost Soul

10. Camara & Bustler – When The Night Falls

11. Dredl Kibosh – I Found You

12. The Magician & The Scientist – 2001

13. Fenou Bouquet Vol.1 Mix