Fenou Bouquet Vol.3

Douglas Greed – Fenou Bouquet Vol.3


For the past nine years, Fenou is a sub-division of the renowned Mo’s Ferry Productions and is the epitome of a sophisticated taste somewhere between harmonious Electronica sound and swinging Minimal-Electro. „Fenou Bouquet Vol. 3“ is compiled by none other than Douglas Greed. The compilation shows an eclectic track selection and a wide-ranging overview of new developments and upcoming releases of the music of Berlin’s underground. After Marcel Knopf and Dapayk solo Jena based Turntable Rocker proves his knack for this very special kind of „Cute Minimal Electronica“ which Fenou devotes itself to.

01. Jon Donson "Yellow Fragrance"

02. Einzelkind "Omar"

03. Sebastian Russell "10% Human"

04. A.N.I.C.E. feat. Fynn "Lonely Sleeper"

05. Schlepp Geist "Fever Nights"

06. An On Bast "Efflorescence"

07. The Micronaut "Two Lovers"

08. Daniel Nitsch "Last Sunday"

09. Mollono.Bass "Der Bass"

10. Jules & Moss "Timeless"

11. Suburb "Clonky"

12. Juno 6 "Trance Me"

13. Metaboman and Large M "DII"

14. Beatamines "Shift"

15. Chris Manura "Almost"

16. David Jach "Get On Up"

17. Sven Tasnadi "Recycle"

18. Remood "Upstairs"

19. Deer "Guaranteed Repairs"

20. Clara Moto "Smeel"

21. Swimmingpool "Diver"