Fenou Bouquet Vol.4

The Micronaut – Fenou Bouquet Vol.4


Since 2010 the „Fenou Bouquet“ compilations have established themselves as a representative overview of the multifaceted work of the Berlin-based talent factory. The Micronaut already left his mark on the last compilation with his track called „Two Lovers“. Now the Leipzig-based producer selected and mixed volume 4 of the series. As he describes it: „I like blue, tragic, epic tracks. Tracks that stimulate the inner eye and create images. Tunes that are simply danceable, would be too dull for me.“

01. Martin Kohlstedt "Am"

02. Dapayk & Midnight "Emergency"

03. Landhouse & Raddantze "The Walking Whale"

04. Lake Powel "Bright Eyes, Dirty Hair (Acid Pauli & NU Remix)"

05. Sebastian Russell "Free Fall"

06. The Magician & The Scientist "2001"

07. Greeko "Rockit"

08. The Micronaut "High Tatras"

09. Mooryc "Simply (Dapayk Remix)"

10. Sebastian Russell "Death Song"

11. Clicks And Errors "Modi"

12. From Karaoke To Stardom "Gon Kür"

13. From Karaoke To Stardom "Little Voodoo Doll 2"

14. Akia "Quadroform"

15. Dredl Kibosh "I Found You"

16. Interelektrika "Tage Wie Dieser"

17. Sebastian Russell "Pourpre"

18. Zaquoir "A Polar Bear's First Trip To Sicily"

19. Kadebostan "Sofia On Stage"

20. The Micronaut "Fenou Bouquet Vol.4 Mix"