Filthy Rich

Olene Kadar – Filthy Rich


Finally, the live virtuoso Olene Kadar is back again with release #4 on his homebase Mo’s Ferry! Not only the really massive kick makes the A-side „Deal“ a true stomper, that might put a smile on every Detroit fans face…also A Guy Called Gerald would be thrilled! Kadar uses common sounds and styles to stack his own unconventional sound-building – his own „House“. Driving is probably the adjective that can express most accurately what constitutes the eight and a half minutes track with its funky organ chords. The B-side „Sot:2“ contains an equally virtuoso Ass-Shaker. Somewhere between industrial aesthetics of the reverberated snare and the indefinable squawking sound its elements combine into a multi-dimensional piece of “club therapy” full of extremes. The unity of groovy kick and bass constitutes a high contrast to the vast extending percussion that moves at times in dramatic and absurd dimensions. Approaching the drop, the almost out of control snare rolls and percussion drown any crowd in their own sweat dripping from the ceiling.

01. Deal

02. Sot:2

03. Snorck (Digital Only)