Impulsion Parasite Rmxs Pt.2

Dapayk solo – Impulsion Parasite Rmxs Pt.2


Mo’s Ferry release #29 is part 2 of the remix series for Dapayk solo’s „impulsion parasite“ album. The record begins with the winner of the „hollis“ remix contest – C.Drummond aka The Wolves Outside. The Canadian stood up to countless others and provides weird grooves and cut-up funk, that shows creativity at it’s best. RRYGULAR- and Apnea-Act From Karaoke to Stardom impresses his distinctive seal on the unofficial Dapayk-hymn „marek stolpert“. He leaves the deepness of the original, but puts his remix on a level of more minimal detailedness without losing sight of the crowded dancefloor.
Mobilee’s Pan-Pot, also referred as „the (cooking) pots“ or „the three funny two“, bury the snippets of original track „hagen“ in an abyssal bass arrangement and conjure a floorburner with maximum functionality. To complete the record there’s Mathias Kaden’s version of „warteballmusik“. With the help of his live-recorded bongo percussions he adds a flair of an after-hour- classic to the funky original. Well, i for sure would ask the DJ: „What’s that?“

01. Hollis (The Wolves Outside Rmx)

02. Marek Stolpert (From Karaoke To Stardom Rmx)

03. Hagen (Pan-Pot Rmx)

04. Warteballmusik (Mathias Kaden's Springballmusik Rmx)