Janusz EP

Piotr Bejnar – Janusz EP


The polish live act and producer Piotr Bejnar developed into a true local hero over the past few years. His live performances fizz with energy. He may be the only musician in the world who handles a groovebox like an electric guitar… after this release he might afford to take it to another level and destroy his equipment at the end of his gigs. Like a host of german television described Kraftwerk in 1978 “…maybe one should call it… electronic rock!”
‚Buja Beja‘ is a cool track creating a strange atmosphere. Minimalist Techhouse mutate to a deep number with some unconventional instruments. Through the variable arrangement and the multidimensional fragmented melody this composition develops perfectly.
The syncoped track ‚Pijany Mistrz‘ represents a peculiar symbiosis between Deep House and Detroit. Again the different phases of the arrangement that continuously change the focus, draw the attention. While first taking place at a House club, the next minute the track switches to Techno-mode and vice versa.
Splish splash… and off it goes into cold Techhouse waters!… But ‘Tensions’ doesn’t just lap along unimportantly. Piotr Bejnar has succeeded here in creating an interesting piece of stereo-insanity. The track moves through different rooms and keeps the attentive listener in tension – this is no easy fare, but a club-number for the clear headed!

01. Buja Beja

02. Pijany Mistrz

03. Tensions