Join The Ortega & Stavostrand Funk Revolution

Ortega & Stavostrand – Join The Ortega & Stavostrand Funk Revolution


At Rrygular the second half year begins with a new Ortega & Stavöstrand. After a short summer break, that actually had not really happened here at the label, we call to join the mexican- swedish funk revolution. On the A-side you’ll find „sparkling“ with its surrounding percussions. To get yourself oriented there is a bassline which is constantly modulating over the 9 1/2 minutes – even perhaps traumatizing in the end.
On the B-side „mandrake“ with its repeating, breathing phrase „everybody… everybody…“ is adjuring the people to stay and dance on the floor. The final track „o amour“ is a bit more punchy, but still comes with a moving funkyness. On this twelve inch Ortega & Stavöstrand play around with more details compared to their first one on the label last year. So the term „Minimal“ is not really appropriate anymore. Maybe it’s more like Funk’n’Groove with a good portion of a technoid drive.

01. Sparkling

02. Mandrake

03. O Amour