Jokers EP

Charles Widmore – Jokers EP


The „Jokers EP“ is Charles Widmores second release on RRYGULAR. He gets support from Kat Voltage who is in charge for the catchy vocals on the title track. The original version is a beat reduced dj tool for various applications. But with three remixes in the package there are minimal, deep and more techno-ish interpretations included. Sure, as one part of Boot Slap Charles Widmore got his finger in that pie. But Thodoris Triantafillou & Cj Jeff as well as Jeanm contribute their own vibes. The EP is completed by the tracks „Try This“ and „Darkness“ that show the other, slightly darker side of Charles Widmore. 

01. Jokers (DJ Tool) [feat. Kat Voltage]

02. Try This

03. Darkness

04. Jokers (Boot Slap Rmx) [feat. Kat Voltage]

05. Jokers (Thodoris Triantafillou & Cj Jeff Rmx) [feat. Kat Voltage]

06. Jokers (Jeanm's Baty Rmx) [feat. Kat Voltage]