Dapayk & Padberg – Layers


Dapayk & Padberg welcomes the autumn season with „Layers“. The original version on their 2013 longplayer „Smoke“ is a delicately written piece of slowly evolving poetry, that now is wrapped in deep interwoven coats. The new clubby Layer 3 version by Dapayk & Padberg is haute musique, that not only leaves a warm shiver in your head but also salt on your skin. Track 2 on the a side is Chloe’s dark sounding, little black Oeuvre, that impresses with minimalistic clarity. On the whole flip you will find a jazzy Rampa remix, who gives the song a light accent of playfulness, which swings opposite to the lyrics but still matches. Additionally, you will find a second version by Dapayk & Padberg on the digital release, that once again shows what kind of multi musical master piece dwells in the original „Layers“.


01. Layers (Layer 3)

02. Layers (Chloe Remix)

03. Layers (Rampa Remix)

04. Layers (Layer 2)