Les Patates EP

Tassilo – Les Patates EP


‚Les Patates‘, the fresh new Rrygular release by Tassilo, one half of Pan-Pot, is not an homage to french agriculture but a serious Techno smasher with high club potential. At first, there’s just a nice party atmosphere and… then this rough beat drops in! The small potatoe ‚Petite Patate‘ surprises by adding rudimental elements like the hihat and snare drum always a little late. But you have the feeling you haven’t missed something yet. This number just sneaks from behind and lulls you in with billowing pads until you sense the final Rave sound as a self-evident consequence of it all. The message by G-TECH right before the drop proves right – there is not a lack of ‚vibration‘ here!
It’s all about the mixture… and in this case it’s just felicitous: male choir, clanking cymbals and finally the riff that this track subsists on. Tassilo knows how to send the short melody-figure through the different stages of sound design, even though it might have been lively enough without it. This gives the big potatoe ‚Grosse Patate‘ a level of dynamic, that most contemporary Techno releases just don’t provide.

01. Petite Patate

02. Grosse Patate