Little Voodoo Dolls

From Karaoke To Stardom – Little Voodoo Dolls


Behind the striking stage name From Karaoke To Stardom is the French producer and live act Jeremy Herpe. He travels the electronic dance music scene since 2005 and has made a name with numerous EPs and remixes. For his second album From Karaoke To Stardom didn’t use any dark exotic arts – but still the electronica producer magically attracts the audience to the dancefloor with his „Little Voodoo Dolls“!

01. LittlE VoOdOo dOll #1

02. sEvErE BabylOnES

03. LibEra mE, dOminE

04. bOnE SilEnCE

05. LittlE VoOdoO dOll #2

06. rOll thE DiCE

07. RuE dES BullEtS

08. sECrEtly wE ArE GhOStS

09. LoOpS dEs StEpS

10. gOn KüR

11. A lOt Of MattEr