Lone Fiesta EP

Lump – Lone Fiesta EP


We like to follow Ortega & Stavöstrand’s call to join their funk revolution with our RRYGULAR 18 by Lump named „lone fiesta e.p.“. An excellent choice i would say. His music brings the groove that goes directly into your legs, it offers warmth for a comforting feeling in your belly and last but not least Lump’s music transports a certain depth, complexity and flow that make his tracks more and more interesting the longer you’ll listen to them.
With only a few, very selective releases on labels like FutureDub, Karloff, Sud Electronic, Sub Static, Textone and Rrygular Lump is one of the artists who definitely doesn’t like to stand out with music for the masses. In our oppinion this is what music needs, in general. „Got to be funky“ is exactly the funkyness, that is necessary for an A1 track. „Lil lump of acid“ contains that down-pitched vocal and is not as happy as A1, but still grooving. „All in your mind“ is one of these track that will polarize. There are people (like us) who discover a new vocal anthem and there are others who skip over the track in a blink of an eye. But that’s the way it is… The last track „tilassa“ is finest Dub and a perfect ending for an excellent piece of work.

01. Got To Be Funky

02. Lil Lump Of Acid

03. All In Your Mind

04. Tilassa