Love Is The Devil

Raudive – Love Is The Devil


Producer Oliver Ho aka Raudive is not a dark horse. Two years after his acclaimed “Abc EP” he returns to RRYGULAR with his new release “Love Is The Devil”. Straight and facing forward but also ‘back to the roots’ somehow. That doesn’t need to be a compromise. It is a symbiosis that works absolutely fine in case of this particular 2+1-tracker. Like always the englishman knows how to use percussion elements without getting cheesy. A certain reference to Electro is obvious but it underlines the typical dirty Raudive sound rather than trying to be referential. But who needs genres anyway? „Club-Disco-Techno-House-Funk-Electro“ – some kind of monster!

01. Love Is The Devil

02. Blue Bags

03. Tumble (digital only)