Lover / Cable

Hidenobu Ito / Polaris Pulsations – Lover / Cable


Fenou’s third strike comes around with Hidenobu Ito feat. Urara plus Polaris Pulsations… Tokyo-based producer Hidenobu Ito arranged the cute happy tune „Lover“ and Urara makes it a perfect one with a vocal line as shiny as a color box. Hidenobu himself describes his music as experimental soul music and this characterization hits the nail on the head. Soulful soundscapes and deep strings, a clear bassline and Urara’s lovely voice make this track inimitable. Whatever you call this track is – soul, deephouse or just modern dance music – this tune offers unequaled opportunities. Polaris Pulsations are Maksim Vasilevskis (aka Max Brannslokker) and Aleksander Chernishov (aka Pooka). This Latvian music project was created in 2000 and on this track they show us their definition of modern electronic music. And boys and girls, this track called „Cable“ is really a great pleasure for the ears. A great mixture between older Warp and Toytronic stuff and modern electronica music including lovely melodies, crunchy soundscapes and dazzling fragments. In the vein of supergroups like Black Dog, Cunnigham and Plaid, that should act as referee.

01. Hidenobu Ito - Lover (feat. Urara)

02. Polaris Pulsations - Cable