Mi Locks Got Longa

Olene Kadar – Mi Locks Got Longa


Everyone knows this feeling, when a hook line of a track won’t let you go. One says it is a tune wedgie, even if it sounds a bit weird in the clubbing scene. But never you mind, you just start singing out of the blue. Olene Kadar just hit the bull’s eye with “yipyippyip“. This track impresses with an extraordinary addicting Ragga Vocal and puts on top his breathtaking freaky beat wrapping. One wonders where to put this into a greater content: musical seriousness or simply the fun factor. But in the end people always go crazy, when Olene Kadar rocks one of the countless parties in Holland. The artist playing right after him faces a difficult time…That is what Dave Aju might have had in mind. His remix heads for another direction. Very relaxed and reduced to the bare essentials he slows down the tempo to garnish this fantastic groove with the vocals and e-piano chords. So cool. Next you will find the dashing rave monster „neal deepersma“, that brings Olene Kadar’s former releases on Mo’s Ferry back to mind. And with „kamal“ a long time favourite is ready to be unleashed.
On the label website you will get a free bonus download called „looking for an“. Check on the release date.

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01. Yipyippyip

02. Yipyippyip (Dave Aju Rmx)

03. Neal Deepersma

04. Kamal (Digital Only)

05. Looking For An (FREE BONUS)