Moonshine EP

Frivolous – Moonshine EP


fenou #7 – The label’s artist pool is growing constantly. The Canadian Daniel Gardner aka Frivolous has already built up his reputation as a marvelous DIY talent proved by releases on labels such as Karloff and ~scape as well as numerous livesets around the globe. His liveact setup consists of some unconventional do-it-yourself musical equipment. But rather than using these home-made tools to destroy the sound he’s always holding the balance between dancefloor-orientated tracks and ambitious sound design. His sources of inspiration seem to be manifold and despite the obvious technological background he’s able to create a very musical melange. A sense for harmonious and melodic club tunes is the recurrent theme through his releases so far. The musical education i.e. 10 years of piano lessons might be a reason for this… On his „moonshine e.p.“ Frivolous picks up a guitar theme based in Country&Folk music and he’s expanding this into an energetic, impellent dance track, that’s on top of the current minimal-crossover movement. The Soulphiction remix seems to be more relaxed. He skipped the speedy guitar and vocal parts. Instead of that he sets up a dark bass sound with african tribal grooves and a fender rhodes melody comes in right before he spices the tune with a few familiar parts of the „moonshine“ original. At the first moment the remix seems to be far away from its origin, but soon after you recognize the edit as a welcome contrast. Again, fenou07 is presented as a limited edition of 10“ records with new cover artwork and serially numbered, of course.

01. Moonshine

02. Moonshine (Soulphiction Rmx)