Mo’s Ferry Eisbrecher

Various Artists – Mo’s Ferry Eisbrecher


After three years of releasing several EPs and a few longplayers it’s been time for Mo’s Ferry Prod. to present a new selection of the label catalogue. New faces joint the artist pool, respected remixers were found and not to forget the ongoing musical development of long time fellows. The German term „Eisbrecher“ means icebreaker. This can be taken quite literally, but it’s not necessary.

01. Dapayk solo - All Eyes On You (Mathias Kaden Rmx)

02. Marcel Knopf - Rec-chord (Jeff Samuel Rmx)

03. Olene Kadar - Sot:2

04. Vladimir Corbin & Peddy - The Grid

05. Cascabel Gentz - So Electric (Alejandro Mosso Rmx)

06. Piotr Bejnar - Rainbow Pill (Yapacc Rmx)

07. Greenbeam & Leon - Stone Was Pepple

08. Jedi Jet - Little Things

09. Brendon (Summer) Collins - The Phase People

10. Dapayk & Padberg - Don't Sleep (Tiefschwarz Rmx)

11. Malte Seddig - Anaira

12. Mossa - Tom Bottom

13. Patrick Vano - Don't Look Back

14. [a]pendics.shuffle & Dilo - Wonderful Wonderfall

15. Darlyn Vlys - Stag Party

16. Mr. Statik - Roll Down The Shutters (Daze Maxim Rmx)

17. Greeko - Kill

18. Mathias Schaffhauser - Brummer